Skills Canada British Columbia



Skills Canada BC is putting together a team that is building British Columbia’s future work force.

Corporate participation is a key ingredient to our success.

Help Skills Canada BC show young people that these skills are not only in demand, but a vital link to BC’s renewal in the global economy. With ongoing demographic changes in the age structure of our labour market, and the projections for industry / business growth the need to inform students, parents and educators has never been greater.

We invite you to become a partner. With your support we can continue investing in the future through the development of skilled careers, the pursuit of excellence and the strengthening of the BC economy.

Why Partner with Skills Canada BC?

  • Recognition as a leading corporation in the development of youth skills and competencies crucial for developing employment skills and a successful work force in British Columbia
  • An opportunity to indirectly identify skills and competencies crucial for your corporation’s future success and for the greater BC workforce
  • An opportunity to increase educator/business and student/business networking
  • Opportunity to increase brand and product exposure
  • Opportunity to increase customer base
  • Access to a pool of young, motivated and highly skilled potential employees
  • Recognition as a good corporate citizen
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