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Become an Affiliated Skills BC School


Join your fellow teachers from over 120 BC schools and maximize opportunities for your students to learn more about trade and technology careers. The first step to participate in Skills Canada BC programs begins with registering your school. Affiliation will open a world of career exploration programs for your students.


All schools participating in Skills BC programs MUST register as an affiliated school.

A school will only pay one affiliation fee that will cover registration for competitors in the Regional and/or Provincial Competitions.

Affiliation Fees

Basic affiliation: $50/school will be invoiced at the time of registration.

Schools that register more than 2 students as competitors in the Regional and/or Provincial competitions (the affiliation fee is paid only one time per school) will be invoiced $15 per student up to $200 on April 30, 2016. Affiliation fees are to be paid no later than June 30, 2016.

Affiliation Includes

  • Able to Host Skills BC Events
  • Access to School Bus Subsides to the Provincial Skills Competition and other student travel subsidies
  • Able to reserve up to 5 spaces at the Trades & Technology Women’s Conference (TTWC)* in 2017 *Event is limited to the first 100 participants to register.
  • Cardboard Boat Races (where available)
  • Access to Student Competitions and Draws

Affiliation enables access to all Skills Canada BC programs during the school year (September to June).

The Provincial Skills Competition at TradeX is open to the public and Schools do not have to be affiliated in order to participate in tours of the event.

We look forward to seeing you and your students this year!

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