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Alumni: Leah Patitucci


Skill: Cooking
School: Vancouver Community College
Employer: The Pear Tree Restaurant
Hometown: Vancouver, BC
Age: 21


My path in the skilled trades was a very natural one and I always knew this is the professional journey I would pursue. I became interested in cooking at a very young age and I jumped at the first opportunity to get into a kitchen and start experimenting with different ingredients and recipes! After I was set on this career path, I pushed myself to pursue it in any way I could. My goals are to keep learning, continue competing and pushing myself to be better, and developing my style as a cook.

I started competing in skills competitions in 2015. In 2018, I competed at the Skills Canada British Columbia Provincial Competition and won a gold medal in culinary art. I then advanced to the 2018 Skills Canada National Competition, in Edmonton, where I won the gold medal. I’m beginning my training in hopes of making it as a member of WorldSkills Team Canada 2019 and competing at the 45th WorldSkills Competition, in Kazan, in 2019.

Interesting Fact

I have the cutest puppy. His name is Elliott and he is a rescue dog.

Essential Skills

When I think about which Essential Skill has been the most instrumental in my training and for my competitions, I believe continuous learning stands out as the most important as I’m always in the process of learning new skills and information.




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