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About Us

Each year, SCBC helps thousands of students explore rewarding careers in the skilled trades and technology sectors through skills competitions, hands-on programs for students and resources for educators.

SCBC is proud to support the future workforce as they discover the skills that will propel them to succeed, promoting excellence – both in their careers and in all aspects of their lives. Skills Canada BC’s competitions and programs are exciting and dynamic, fostering creativity and curiosity.

Skills Canada BC is leading the way when it comes to changing public perception of trades and technologies.

Our Mission and Vision


Today’s youth become tomorrow’s skilled trades and technology leaders.


Be the catalyst that creates and fosters connections within communities facilitating exposure to trades, technology, and career opportunities for youth.


Your Future Workforce is Here

Labour market statistics estimate that British Columbia will require 1 million skilled workers and technologists to fill retirement vacancies and support the province’s strong economic growth over the next ten years.

“B.C.’s latest Labour Market Outlook (LMO) forecasts more than one million job openings into the next decade, creating opportunities for students and job seekers to develop their skills and find rewarding jobs of the future,” [1]

According to British Columbia’s provincial government, in a post-pandemic setting the skilled trades and technology career trends have been driven by retirements, a decline in job seekers, and growth in the resource sectors.

SCBC is addressing this skills shortage by engaging thousands of youth in the showcasing of careers in skilled trades and technologies through hands-on competitions, programming and events. Through strong partnerships with industry, government, post-secondary institutions, and alumni, Skills Canada BC is the hub for middle, secondary and post-secondary students to explore future careers in the skilled trades and technologies that focus on experiential learning and provide connections to our network of industry professionals.

[1] Province of British Columbia, BC Gov News. https://news.gov.bc.ca/releases/2022AEST0004-000172 (Page 1.)

Our Impact

Skills Canada BC partners with many schools and communities across British Columbia to help today’s youth become tomorrow’s skilled trades and technology leaders. Sponsorship has been extremely influential, helping approximately one million students to date, that have competed and participated in regional competitions, provincial competitions, in-school programs, and online challenges throughout the province.


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