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Regional Competition Documents

Skills Canada British Columbia Rules

2024 Regional Acknowledgement of Risk and Photo Release

Regional Registration now requires only a School District/School/Teacher/Instructor contact info and student names.

Regional Scopes listed may be a blend of shared Regional Tech Chair work and Provincial Tech Chair work.

Some Regional scopes are the National/Provincial/Regional such as Robotics(Sec) and Public Speaking(Sec)

Regional scopes may list skills but not a project. A Regional project(recommended 4 hours) can be locally developed and reliant on local resources. It can also reflect the Provincial scope/project(recommended 6 hours) by removing elements or adopting a different project.

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Regional Docs

Archived Projects

2D Computer Animation(Jan 2024)
3D Computer Animation
Architectural CAD
Automotive Service (Jan 2024)
Baking(Jan 2024)
Cabinet Making    
Carpentry(Feb 2023)
Cooking(Jan 2024)
Fashion Technology (Jan 2024)
Graphic Design (Feb 2023)
Hairstylist(Feb 2024)
IT Office Software
Job Search  
Mechanical CAD
Photography (Feb 2023)
Public Speaking (Jan 2024)
Video Production(Jan 2023)
Welding(Jan 2023)
Workplace Safety

Virtual Competitions (at your own schools)

Website Design
Video Production(Jan 2023)

Jr. Skills Projects Documents (grade 6-9)

Gravity Vehicle Race(Note, Provincial Tech Chair needed!)    Updated: Oct 2023
Potential Energy Cart Updated: Oct 2023
Sumo Robot Updated: Oct 2023
Spaghetti Bridge Updated: Oct 2023
VEX IQ Robotics Updated: Feb 2023
Wind Turbine Updated: Oct 2023
Jr Woodworking (a South Island Region event)   Updated: January 25, 2017

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