“The Gingerbread Challenge gave me an opportunity to push myself to the limit. I enjoyed using fondant for the first time to make the anvil, tongs, hammers, bellow, and other tools. For several years I have enjoyed going to the Tradex with my family to view the Skills BC competition. I am thankful that because of the pandemic, you have given me an opportunity to compete at the junior level.”

Clark Wong – Online Gingerbread Challenge


“Because of the online Gingerbread Challenge, I have learned that I enjoy baking very much! When we found out about the competition all the gingerbread kits were sold out! So we found a recipe online and baked our own gingerbread house! I made little drawings of gingerbread people and cut them out. My favorite part of this competition was being able to work with my sister and make our gingerbread house special.”

Clara Wong – Online Gingerbread Challenge





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