The Skills Canada BC Resources page provides tools, guides, and materials for students, educators, and professionals. Discover information on competitions, training, career pathways, and educational resources to help you excel in skilled trades and technologies.

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Educators Guide

A comprehensive toolkit for inspiring students and educators to explore the world of trades and technologies. Packed with videos, e-books, activities, podcasts, and more, this resource hub is designed to empower educators in shaping tomorrow’s skilled professionals.

News and Newsletter

Stay updated with the latest news and insights from Skills Canada BC. Our News and Newsletter sections bring you important announcements, event highlights, and industry updates, keeping you informed and engaged in the world of skilled trades and technologies.

Media Coverage, Photos and Videos

Explore our Media Coverage, Photos, and Videos sections to see Skills Canada BC in action. Discover event highlights, behind-the-scenes moments, and inspiring stories through our curated multimedia content.

Grants, Bursaries & Scholarships

Discover funding opportunities in our Grants, Bursaries & Scholarships sections. Find financial support options to help you pursue education and training in skilled trades and technologies, making your career goals more accessible.

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