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Am I eligible for SkillsBC programs?

Skills BC programs are open to any student attending a public or private school in British Columbia.

Post Secondary/Apprentice Level Competitors must not be a fully certified journeyperson (or equivalent) in the contest area in which they wish to compete at the time of the competition.

Are there age limits for the competitions?

Junior Skills Competitions are open to students in Grades 6 to 9.

Secondary Level Competitions are open to high school students below the age of 22.

Post-Secondary/Apprentice Level Competitions are open to students below the age of 29.

How do I register my class for an InSPIRE program?

You go to , complete the form, and click “Submit”

Why should my school affiliate with SkillsBC?

Being an affiliated Skills BC School enables your school to:

a. register competitors in Regional and Provincial Skills competitions

b. access School Bus Subsides to the Provincial Skills Competition and other student travel subsidies 

c. participate in Cardboard Boat Races

How much does affiliation with SkillsBC cost?

Basic affiliation is $50 per school. This includes the first two competitors. Additional competitors are $15 each. Full affiliation which is $200 allows an unlimited number of competitors.

Where is the regional competition being held in my area?

You can find your regional competition information at

When is the regional event being held in my area?

Go to and select your school district to find regional competition dates and times.

How do I create a login account with SkillsBC?

Go to then fill in your email address, first and last name. You will automatically get confirmation of the login name and password.

How can I recover my SkillsBC login password?

Go to and click on the “Forget Your Password?” link.

What’s the date of the SkillsBC provincial competition this year?

SkillsBC will host the provincial competition on April 5th 2017.

Where is the Provincial competition being held this year?

The Provincial Competition will be at Tradex in Abbotsford on April 5th, 2017.

Where can I find details about the project for my competition?

Go to to find the scope document for your competition area.

Is there an admission fee for spectators to attend the provincial competition?

No. It’s free for spectators to attend the provincial competition.

What’s the best time to observe the provincial competition at Tradex?

This is a hard question to answer. Spectators are welcome between 9:00am and 4:00pm. The busiest times are between 11:00am and 1:00pm so you may have to wait in line for the hands-on activities, career booths and the food court if you come during those times.

How can my school apply for a SkillsBC bus subsidy?

Go to to apply for a SkillsBC bus subsidy.

What’s the maximum amount of bus subsidy that a school can apply for?

Bus subsidies are up to $300 per busload (minimum 20 students). Schools may apply for a maximum of two bus subsidies ($600).

How do I claim my bus subsidy?

You must apply and be approved for a subsidy before the Provincial then after the provincial competition you send in the completed reimbursement form along with bus rental receipts or proof of payment to

How do I apply for an exhibitor booth?

Go to to apply for an exhibitor booth.

What’s the cost of an exhibitor booth?

10’ x 10’ exhibitor booths at the Provincial Skills event cost $1500.

How do I register students for the Trades & Technologies Conference for Women?

Go to to register students for the Trades & Technologies Conference for Women.

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