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Gingerbread Challenge Winners

Please join us in congratulating Clark Wong, Anya Wong and Naylene Runge for winning the Skills Canada BC Gingerbread Online Challenge. Their stunning gingerbread houses incorporated skilled trades, lots of color and creativity! 

Clark Wong – Congratulations to Clark, of Heritage Christian School, for winning the gingerbread challenge in the grades 4-7 category. Clark challenged himself, by creating a mini gingerbread table saw, using candy melts for the first time and even creating his own gingerbread dough!

Anya Wong – Congratulations to Anya, of Heritage Christian Online School, for winning the gingerbread challenge in the grade K-3 category. Anya used her imagination and creativity to build a homemade gingerbread bakeshop. She even created a 3-tiered cake and a cash register, within the structure!

Naylene Runge – Congratulations, Naylene, for winning the gingerbread challenge in the grades 8-12 category. Naylene created her Noel mansion on the Ranch using only edible materials, including her time-consuming red pickup truck!

Thank you to all those who participated in this online challenge. We had many amazing submissions. Please stay tuned for our next challenge, coming soon.

Best regards,

Michelle Skelly

Skills Canada BC’s Director of Programs

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